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AMINOECO can help get your home ready for any season with our wide selection of Fertilisers.  Our knowledgeable staff are here to guide and help you choose the right products for your specific balcony pots, garden and farming needs. See the product selection we offer today. Verigrow is manufactured by Veratin Limited, an Australian publicly listed company (NSX:VTN). It is an innovative all-purpose fertiliser and soil improver made using 100% Australian low grade wool. Wool is a sustainable and rich source of amino acids (more than 75% of wool is made of amino acids). Verigrow contains an organic (from amino acids) and an inorganic source of nitrogen (12% w/v total N). The inorganic nitrogen provides an immediate source of nitrogen while the organic nitrogen provides a slow release and longer lasting effect. You can use Verigrow on anything and everything including lawn, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, natives, herbs and more.

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